Termite Soldier

What are Termites?

Termites - Alate(reproductive), Worker and soldierTermites or “White ants” as they are commonly called are not a type of ant at all. Although they look a lot like ants and have a colony similar to ants, termites are more closely related to the cockroach.

One in Three Australian homes will be affected by termites in their lifetime thats serious! because termite damage is not covered by your  home insurance. Whether you are buying a house, a property investment, or its your existing home it really is important to have it checked by an experienced qualified termite technician regularly.

Sentry Pest Management provides a wide range of Termites services, from inspecting and reporting, Treating termites in home to protecting your home from the risk of termites. Click on our free brochure protecting your home from termites to download it.

What If I Find Live Termites?

Do not disturb the termites any further and definitely do not try to treat them yourself, it may kill the termites you can see at the time but all it does is encourage the rest of the nest to move on to another part of the house. Simply cover the damage back over, leave the site undisturbed.

Give us call we have been managing termite infestations in homes for over 16 years, we know the species that are common to Queensland. When our technician comes out he is then able to assess the situation and formulate a safe and effective treatment plan to manage the termite activity successfully.

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