Pest Control in the home

Pest Problems

Pests around your home and family can be a real source of anxiety, the pest that scurrying into your home are carrying disease and can put your family at risk if not managed correctly, pest control in the home is something that really should be done by a fully trained pest professional.

Managing pests, involves more than simply spraying insecticide around. Our qualified technicians will first evaluate your particular situation (type of pests, the environment, levels of infestation and treatment limitations). Our pest control technician will also work with you, advising you of environmental factors that may be contributing to your particular pest problem and what you can do to modify the environment.

Pest treatment plans involve safe formulations that will effectively target the habits or biology of the pest but have minimal risk to the health of humans, pets and the environment.

Your safety is our concern, All insecticides used by Sentry Pest Management to carry out pest control are registered for use in Queensland and are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

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Commercial Pest Control

Pests should never be allowed to become an issue in your workplace! The impact they have on product and profit margins can be devastating. But whatever the size of the problem, we will work with you to ensure your business premises are free of pests and their problems.

At Sentry Pest Management with our in-depth knowledge of local pests we are able to help develop an effective pest management program for your business.Our highly trained professional commercial technicians are amongst the best in the industry and are passionate about protecting our commercial customers reputation and brand from pests.

Sentry Pest Management can complete a pest control audit of your site, identifying possible trouble spots and taking preventive action before problems arise.

Commercial Pest Control

We can provide your business:

Commercial pest control programs

Service programs

Our pest management programs are delivered through a select range of service agreements, one of which is sure to suit your business needs.

Commercial pest control solutions

Service solutions

Whatever pest you’ve got a problem with we have a solution that is environmentally friendly.

Pest Control Services we provide

General pest control
This is our standard pest control service it covers: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, and Silverfish.

Other pest control
Single pest treatments or addition pest treatments: Fleas, Bed Bugs, Case Moth, Carpet Beetle, Flies, Mosquitoes and Biting Midges, Paperlice, Stored Product Pests, Wasps, Rodents(Rats and Mice)

Timber Pest control
These are our specialist services for treatment of and protection from Termites and Borers.

Pests we treat

Why use professional pest control?

When treating, we have your concerns in mind and work within your specific requirements. Our Technicians never rush through their pest services and will never cut corners, we take the time needed to ensure a thorough effective treatment. After all your satisfaction is what matters to us that is our guarantee.

Our Technicians receive ongoing training on the best industry practices when it comes to applying insecticides for household pests or pests in and around your restaurant or office, we understand how formulations work and the best and safest ways to apply them

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Call our friendly staff today. We will book in a time and day that best suites your requirements. Our professional staff can answer any concerns you may have regarding your pest control service as well as advice that will help you prepare your home, family and pets for your pest control.When booking in don’t forget to ask about a termite inspections.