Must say I am very proud of my two boys they have a great work ethic and always treat our clients with respect and dignity. We regularly get text messages and emails back from clients commenting on how impressed they are with the service they provide.

Last week we sent Hayden to replenish a clients termite protection in Narangba, shortly after completing his pest service, Ken sent us this encouraging message.

“You should be proud of your son, he has the best manners i have ever seen, good on you and your wife for bringing up such a nice guy! It was a pleasure to have him here yesterday and he did a great job!, i will put some of your business cards here and there around Narangba for you!, Thanks again for helping me out too.

Kindest Regards,
Ken P

Well done Hayden we are proud of you keep up the excellent work. If you would like to experience the same level of service and professionalism, why not give Sentry Pest Management a try.