Queen termite

The Queen Termite

Did you know that the queen termite can live up to 25 years! and produce around 3000 eggs a day! That”s a lot of termites produced over a queen termites life span. If you think you have termites in your home or on your property don’t mess around with them yourself, please call Sentry Pest Management we can help you eliminate termites in the most cost effective way possible.

Queen Termite
Queen Termite (Pictured left) Juvenile Termites or nymphs (Pictured right)

Most people panic at the first sight of termites and reach for the aerosol and that will kill the termites that are in the immediate area. However unless the treatment can reach back to the nest, which could be 50 meters away from where they are feeding. The termite queen is going to be safely laying thousands of eggs unaffected by your actions. all you are doing really, is compounding the problem.

How does Sentry Pest Management effectively control termites?

Effective Termite control starts with a thorough termite inspection of the house, yard and any outbuildings within 50m of the house. Once we have an understanding of any building faults, all possible termite entry points and nests our experienced technicians can formulate a safe and effective termite treatment plan. Our special formulations are not detected by the termites and are carried back to the nest where the queen and remaining colony are then exposed to the treatment and die.

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