What does it mean to take pride in your work?

We all love to received positive feedback for the work we do, It gives us a sense of pride in our work and we feel appreciated for the extra efforts we put forth.

Recently we received an email from a real estate we regularly get work from, the Real Estate agent felt moved to pass on the feedback she had received from a tenant after we had carried out a treatment for redback spiders. This is how the email went…

Hi Shayne,

The tenant at —— Street, Caboolture has emailed me today with some great feedback from your recent visit to their property to spray for redbacks


“So firstly I’d like to say that the guys who came out and did the pest spray were absolutely amazing !!!!

They literally sprayed the place top to bottom, moved furniture to spray behind everything properly, checked our outdoor setting and BBQ and sprayed it and even went through every single one of Chase toys, cars and bikes outside and sprayed all the wheels and underneath them all. No pest company has EVER done any of this or taken that much care and done such a good job I was seriously amazed so THANK YOU! Most people are in and out in a few minutes and don’t care too much”.


It is really awesome for me to get such great feedback to my inbox about one of our valued tradies. Thought this was worth passing on.

Thanks again!